A Fascination with Sex

That’s what it boils down to. I have this time consuming fascination with sex and all its pertinent human emotions. I’m not just a pervert, I’m a really deep pervert. While I do enjoy the act of sex–a lot–what fascinates me is the complex emotions that go along with any sexual encounter. It’s not just love and lust. Emotions like self-hate and disgust can develop, too, but not necessarily for the reasons one might expect.

In erotic fiction, any sexual act can be justified as long you get your story right, and that is where all the philosophical and psychological details come into play. For example, one of my all-time favorite erotic short stories, found here, involves capture, rape, and torture. Yes, this is still a love story. That is why it is so fascinating. Even humans that do bad things fall in love. And humans that are otherwise good can fall in love with humans that do bad things. Human emotions have quite a capacity for compassion and forgiveness. How clever does one have to be to craft a story that is taboo, but still a love story, and persuade readers to agree?

I think sex allows writers that leeway. Sex is something that, at its very basest, is desired in some way by all of us. Manipulating human emotions to justify a sexual act takes talent. I’m not talking about coercion here, just, good ole fashioned human emotions. Most stories that I write have this underlying battle of sexual ethics, if you will. If a character perceives a certain sexual act as unethical sexual behavior it becomes my goal to get that character to reconsider by the end of the story. Russian Roulette is a great example of that. In this book I’ve crafted a Russian mob henchman whose job it is to torture. The ethical battles comes into play when he captures a beautiful young woman whom he is immediately attracted to. The woman is equally attracted to him, however, he still has this job to do. The politics of sex play out quite nicely in this book. Sex is used to convey emotions when there really is no other way to convey them. The romance that develops is then further tossed into scrutiny because of the socially accepted idea of sex and love that does not allow for love to develop under these kinds of circumstances. Does that make it wrong, though?

Sure, this is fantasy. Not a lot is at stake with fictional characters that live inside my mind. The point is to keep an open mind. A good love story shouldn’t be black and white. There should always be obstacles and battles of the will. That’s real life. Sometimes giving in can allow you to truly be free.


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I am an eloquent pervert. I write fantastic stories that mess with human emotions. Sex, love, hate...it's all in there. View all posts by sylviabell11

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